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Direct Sales Institute &  DS Trainer, Michelle Archer

Michelle Archer is a seasoned speaker and sales trainer with nearly 25 years of expertise in the direct sales industry! Michelle spent 20 years as a top performing field leader.  During that time she discovered the beauty of this incredible industry as she achieved new levels of success, earned trips cars, jewelry and more.  After achieving the pinnacle of success in the field, she crossed over to work on the corporate side. Michelle served at the Director of Training and field Development for a number of companies including: BambooPink Jewelry, Nouveau Cosmeceuticals and Origami Owl.  Michelle also consults with startup companies during their pre-launch period to ensure that they are poised for success! 

During her career, Michelle has mentored thousands of Sales Consultants and Leaders to achieve success!  She has worked with numerous companies throughout the industry and is thrilled to bring that knowledge to you through the Direct Sales Institute.  You will find her collection of teachings very practical and applicable to your daily business.  She prides herself on being a “consultant’s consultant” and bringing business changing practices to the table.  Take your business to the next level!

Personal Mentoring From Michelle

Michelle  partners with entrepreneurs in a variety of ways but believes that is in personal mentoring and coaching that the rubber truly “meets the road”.   Michelle works one-on-one with a small number of clients per month.  This allows her to really focus on the individual, her needs and the needs of her team. 

In addition to her 18 years as a successful field leader and an extensive career on the corporate side, Michelle is also a certified C.O.R.E. Coach.  She believes that it is this combination of experiences and skills which allows her to help people achieve the heights of success.  Far beyond life coaching, Michelle offers tried and true methods for direct sellers and small business women.  This is the “secret sauce” so to speak.  Whether coaching a million dollar producer or an emerging leader, the recipe is the same: faith... focus and follow through!

CORE Success Blueprint

The CORE Success Blueprint gets right to the heart of what really matters. With the CORE Success Blueprint you get more than just insights. You get powerful tools for rapid positive change.   The Success Blueprint is a tool for true change that will enable you to move to new heights in your business and personal life.  The Success Blueprint gets to the root of what has been holding you back and offers specific strategies for growth and success.

Core moves beyond the often flawed profiles that rely on self perception for analysis.  Your CORE Tool will give you three profiles in one as well as strategies for moving forward.  The first profile measures how you see yourself.  Part two measures how you function in relation to others and how you experience the world around you.  The first two results are similar to what you might receive with other profiles and can be heavily affected by childhood conditioning, past experiences and current emotional state.  Part three is the “Success Blueprint”.  This is a more objective analysis which strips away past or current conditioning to reveal and accurate reflection of who you are at the CORE.   This knowledge and self awareness allows you to break free from negative conditioning and begin to work in your strength zones!  Moving away from weakness and embracing your true gifts will enable you to experience the success you deserve!

Discover your authentic self and your Success Blueprint!  Each of us is "hard wired" to achieve success using certain tools.  Discover yours with this in depth assessment and one-on-one discovery session. 

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