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When your friends or team members sign up for a listing on Find A Party Consultant, its not only helping that team member, it's helping everyone on their team!  By having all your friends and team members listed, there is a better chance of someone on your team being found for that party or event vs a competitor.  We want to help you grow and we appreciate you helping us grow too!  Get your listing extended for one extra month for EVERY person who says YOU referred them!

How Can I Extend my Listing for Free?

When your friend or team member signs up for a listing (ANY type of listing!), he/she has a space to choose who referred them ~ (A friend, Facebook, search engine, etc.) They need to simply choose "Friend" and then tell me YOUR NAME!  I will keep track of your referrals and add a month to your expiration each time! Don't worry... if they forget to put it in when they check out, they can just mention it in an email!

Where Do I Start?

1. Send out a message to all of your team members and friends in direct sales telling them about our amazing opportunity to list their home party business for as little as $25/year. You can send them to for more information.

2. Post a little blurb in groups or on pages that you belong to that have a lot of direct sellers. Make sure they use your name for a referral!

3. Sit back and wait for an email from us letting you know your listing has been extended!


Thank YOU!

I truly appreciate all of the amazing home party reps on our site and I really push to get you noticed! THANK YOU for trusting Find A Party Consultant to help you grow your team and business! To many more years of success!


Sara Hoffner, Owner
[email protected]

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