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The average payout at a Legaci party is hundreds of dollars. Many people leave with much more than that. What would you do with that money? That legacy is up to you. 

We’re in the business of making people happy, and we do it through providing extra money where you didn’t know it existed. With a careful look, quick measurement, and simple calculation, we can help you find the money you need for the things you want.

We’ve given people money to fix their car, pay unexpected bills, remodel a kitchen, take the family on vacation, throw a birthday party, fly the grandkids home to visit, buy the newest iPad, pay the mortgage, or even buy gas. Whatever it’s for, imagine the feeling you’ll get – and the smile on your face - when someone hands you cash. So think about it – do you know anyone who may need some extra money? Could YOU use some cash?

With every broken chain, unworn ring, and old spoon we buy, we create the opportunity to make a new legacy.

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