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Norwex is committed to radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning to promote health. More than ever we feel the need to emphasize the positive environmental impact of reducing chemical use.

The Norwex corporate vision for our products reaches far beyond the limited horizon of just making a profit; we are striving for a better quality of life for present and future generations. Our deep central theme is reverence for the value and beauty of all life on a healthy planet. Join us in our effort to improve quality of life in a profound way!


Independent Sales Consultant for Norwex
 Montana (and the USA)

Learn how to "Norwex" your house with Norwex's reduced chemical cleaning products.  Flagship products are 2 cleaning cloths that will clean your entire house using just water! The Norwex opportunity is virtually untapped in the lower half of the United States.  Join NOW for an incredible business opportunity!
Jaclyn Allison
Edwardsville, IL

Our cleaning system saves time and money. In today’s busy world, it has been proven that our system greatly reduces cleaning time. Save money by reducing the use of chemicals, sponges, and paper towels.