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Imagine connecting with business owners across the country, sharing knowledge, ideas, and referrals – extending the reach of your business over thousands of miles. Imagine connecting with potential business partners, customers, and advocates. If you live in a rural area, have a full time job, have young children at home, or are unable to attend our in-person meetings, joining a Virtual SEVEN Chapter is for you!

Virtual SEVEN Chapters are run just like our original Chapters, but are designed for business people that are unable to attend a meeting in person. Each chapter is limited to 10 members who will get together once a week via computer to share their businesses with each other.

  • There are 10 slots available in each virtual chapter
  • A commitment to meet weekly for 75 minutes is required
  • Membership fees are $199 per year, paid in advance, and are non-refundable
  • Virtual Chapters meet Mondays at either 10 AM Eastern or 8 PM Eastern – you choose morning or night when you sign up
  • Discover and connect with other professionals nationwide
  • Each week includes either an educational topic or member presentation
  • Each week there is time for member commercials and testimonials
What Makes SEVEN Different?

SEVEN is a social networking group designed to bring entrepreneurs together to share their knowledge and ideas about business. We cultivate a team environment and encourage our members to do business with each other. We are a non-industry exclusive group as we believe there is enough air for everyone to breathe.

Our Mission:

The purpose of SEVEN is to bring entrepreneurs together to share ideas, strategies, success stories and referrals in an effort to grow our businesses and create lifelong relationships.

We believe people do business with others that they know and trust. We desire to create an innovative network of people to discuss ideas and create relationships that will help everyone build their business to whatever level they desire.

Members of our Virtual SEVEN Chapters may be located anywhere nationwide, so businesses that are not location specific are perfect!  As always, regular participation is key to successful networking. Click on the link below to sign up and get started with your Virtual SEVEN Chapter!

Meet The Founder, Karen Joseph

Karen  moved to Arizona from New York in 2006. She has found her joy in the Valley of the Sun as she connects entrepreneurs through SEVEN Networking. Karen is passionate about her family, teaching, and building relationships.  When they arrived in Arizona, Karen and her husband purchased a franchise called Fast-teks On-Site Computer Services focusing on small to medium sized companies. Karen quickly discovered that social networking would be the best way to not only meet people in her new community, but to make connections for the business, and so SEVEN was born on August 6, 2009. Karen has successfully expanded the SEVEN Network outside the borders of Arizona and there are now chapters available nationwide.

Contact Karen:

Karen is more than happy to answer any questions! You can contact her by:  
Email: [email protected] Org
Phone: 480-442-2838 


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