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Why Should You Advertise With Find A Party Consultant?

Find A Party Consultant was created because we believe that no matter what your status is in your company, you deserve to have exposure for your business online!  Many companies only allow their top sellers and highest leaders to be found from their directories and we don't think that's fair!  Our site was started by a home party consultant just like YOU so we know where to advertise our site to appeal to the most women that would be interested in booking parties or joining a direct sales team! Our rates are OUTSTANDING!  Our goal and mission is to forward all leads for joining teams, parties and vendor shows to the consultants that are listed with us so that they can grow with us!  We are here for your SUCCESS!!
Grow Your Business

Home party based direct sales is currently a multi-billion dollar a year industry employing over 15 million individual consultants and representatives across the United States and Canada. Many consultants have found utilizing the web to market to local clients very challenging. Problems such as trying to get their personal website to rank on search engines or knowing what websites to advertise with made an online strategy nearly impossible.

Our direct sales advertising approach is different.

Find A Party Consultant is a single database that is utilized by numerous industry related websites...One subscription = tons of online exposure!  By breaking up the consultants by location, your contact information is delivered to visitors in YOUR area!

How Exactly Do We Advertise For YOU?

 Find A Party Consultant markets their services completely online in the places where there are people searching! Google, Facebook, Twitter and more.  We currently have paid advertisements on Facebook targeting women who might be interested in booking a party or joining a direct sales team.  We pay for Google advertising to be sure to be at the top of search engines when someone is looking in general for a party consultant.  We use keywords on every one of our pages to help target exactly what someone is looking for.  By placing keywords in the pictures, we're more likely to come up in photo searches along with regular word searches. We are promoting our home party reps constantly and work closely with several Women's Expo and Vendor Show companies and pass those shows onto the reps listed on our site! 

How Much Traffic Do We Get?

Our site started in late 2010 and has a progressive increase in traffic each month. These are our exact numbers as of May 2017:


We're proud of our numbers and they're getting bigger each month!

Do Reps Actually Benefit From This?

Yes! Read for yourself! And guess what? If you go a whole year on our site with no leads.. you'll get a year for FREE! We're THAT sure that we can help you grow your business!

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Sounds Great... But What Does it Cost?

You can get quality direct sales advertising for less than 50 cents per week... our basic package is $25 per year!  Check out the chart below to compare listing choices and find out which one would be best for your business and budget. Some options are exclusive to one rep per state or one rep per company so if you have questions on if something is available, just email Sara at [email protected] or go up to the "Contact" button on the navigation bar at the top of the page!

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Ready to Take The Next Step?

Are you ready to grow your team and book more parties?  When you're ready, head over to the to the direct sales advertising page.  Remember...If you have any questions regarding listing your business, or if you would like to find out if something is available, please email Sara at [email protected] !


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